Ikimono no kiroku

To build some strange houses.
November the same year.
Knew that the place might be radiated.
To stop the progress.
As a result.
Make the Chung's family
to suffer a loss of 7.4 million.

But to his strange behaviour.
He didn't feel sorry and became mad.
Chung wanted to find a piece
of peace land on earth.

ln South America.
Planned to migrate to Basil.
ln order to implement.
He declared to use all the wealth.
The family therefore applied for
an injunction from the court.

lf it lasts.
Chung's behaviour will destroy
the family life.

So we have this declaration.
This declaration affects us a lot.
This is not kidding.
Dad can't use the assets.
By law the wife is the guardian.
How about our daughters?