It Came from Beneath the Sea

- All you men okay?
- Okay.

But let's find out where that radiation
is coming from before we all fry.

It's coming from outside the ship.

- I don't figure it.
- I can't either, sir.

Haven't got time to try now.
Our sonar system's out. Fix it.

let's pull out of here!

All ahead full!
All ahead full, sir.!
But we're standing still!
That's not
the engine's fault, sir.

Keep pouring it on.
You okay, Griff?

Okay here, sir.
Still no luck.
We're fouled tight.

Hand me that thing.
I want two Apua-Lung volunteers
to blast the sluice.

Get in your gear and stand by the
escape hatch. Take a demolition charge.

- I'll take over.
- Aye, aye, Captain.

Anybody hurt?
Mac took an awful crack
in the head here, Captain.

- How do you feel?
- All right.

What's a fractured skull,

Is that damn thing still going?
Not afraid of a little
radiation, are you?

I've heard it makes you
so you can't have children, sir.

Mac was married
just before we left port, Captain.

- Congratulations, Mac.
- Thanks. We're counting on a family.

We won't hang around down here
any longer than we can help it.

Volunteers are ready, sir.
Hand me that thing.
I'm gonna rig in the bow diving plane to
see if that will free us. If it won't...

Just cross your fingers.
Rig in bow diving planes.

Aye, aye, sir.