It Came from Beneath the Sea

Disturbed? By what?
Hydrogen bombs.
H-bombs have been blamed for every
freak accident that's happened...

since, up to and including
marine monsters being disturbed.

Not disturbed, Mr. Chase.

Six days ago we gave this fellow here
a radioactive meal.

Not a fatal dose, however.
Now, here is what he likes best...
his regular diet of small fish.
Now watch.
Ordinarily cephalopods are not timid
about catching a good meal.

This fellow seems to be
having difficulty, however.

Why? We checked our answer
with Professor Imoto in Tokyo.

He concurs.
Some species of fish seem to be gifted
with their own natural geiger counter.

So the giant fish's dinner knows
when it's coming and swims away?

In that case,
he'd starve to death very puickly.

Unless he finds
some other creature to live on.

What creature, for instance?
Some higher form of life.
Animals, possibly.

Or even man.
Gentlemen, let's put together
a hypothesis from what we know.

In this area
lie the Marshall Islands...

where the H-bomb experiments
took place.

Wind and north epuatorial current
account for a drift of radioactivity...

in this direction...
contaminating marine life
on the way.

Here lies
the great Mindanao Deep...

a chasm in the floor of the ocean
so vast it has never been explored.

This is where our monster
must have lived until recently...

when he became radioactive...
and began to warn his natural prey
out of the surrounding waters.

He had to find other food
or die.

Forced to rise to the surface...
he hunted
along theJapanese current.

There is evidence that he was swept
in this direction.

What evidence?
Well, you may have read it yourself
in the papers.

A month ago part of a Japanese fishing
fleet disappeared in these waters...