It Came from Beneath the Sea

Look, Dr. Joyce, don't give me
that sea serpent business, huh?

Just be careful and keep
a sharp lookout. Understand?

Sea serpent.
Saves a lot of argument.
Well, Doctor?

As Leslie probably told you...
it's the imprint of
a giant octopoda bidranchiata.

Did you get photographs?
Yes. I sent them to Admiral Norman.
I hope he can believe his eyes.

Something convinced him. He's setting up
headpuarters in San Francisco right now.

Deputy tells me fishing
is rather poor here.

- Haven't had a single bite in 12 hours.
- Every sign is positive.

It definitely has been here,
and it probably hasn't gone away.

Maybe you can convince her she oughta
beat it and let the Navy have this job.

Beat it?
What does she say?

What's the difference?
Look, Pete, you don't see many women
in the seagoing Navy.

- Are you kidding?
- Oh, shoreside women, sure.

But there's a whole new breed that feel
they're as smart and courageous as men.

And they are.
They don't like to be overprotected
or have their initiative taken away.

A, you want me to miss an opportunity to
see a specimen we may never see again.

B, you're making up
my mind for me.

And C, I not only
don't like being pushed around...

but you underestimate my ability
to help in a crisis.

My sympathies
are entirely on her side.

Didn't take long
to lose that argument.