It Came from Beneath the Sea

Looks like any other torpedo,
doesn't it? But it's not.

This has no propeller.
It's jet-propelled.

The Navy doesn't know
what to make of it.

Perhaps you'll explain
where you got the idea.

I spent all day yesterday
at the Seamen's Institute...

talking to retired whaling men.
This is the result.

A warhead patterned after a harpoon
is encased in the nose.

Instead of exploding on contact,
it's designed to penetrate...

and remain fixed
in the monster's flesh.

By means of spreading barbs.
And what's going
to destroy the thing?

The explosive is sufficient
to do that.

The difference is
that in this case...

we set it off electronically...
once we're certain
it's dead on its target.

Attention on deck!
Another thing: The men want to know
if they can go on liberty.

I know Market Street looks bright from
here, but we're standing by for orders.

Nobody leaves the yard.
Carry on!
Attention on deck!
I see they picked an atom sub
to fight this thing.

Why is that, Commander?
Could be because of her new
electronic epuipment or her speed.

- Was she ordered from Hawaii for that?
- That's right.

You think it's as bad as that?
- I think we're lucky she's here.
- Very lucky.

We have records of a monster like this
one that appeared in the 13th century.

It ravaged the coastal towns
of Denmark and Holland.

But they didn't have
our modern weapons.

It was in those waters
for over 30 years.