Lady and the Tramp

Wish that I could travel his way
Yeah, but he never takes 'em serious.
Ah, but some day
he is meeting someone different...

some delicate, fragile creature...
who is giving him a wish
to shelter and protect.

Like Miss Park Avenue here,
eh, matey?

Mmm, could be.
But when he does...

Yeah, I'm way ahead of ya.
Under the spell of true love...

The poor chump grows careless.
The Cossacks are picking him up.
And it's curtains for the Tramp.
It's the little cocker, Bill,
in number four.

All right, baby,
they've come to take you home.

You're too nice a girl
to be in this place.

Courage, man. Courage.
But I-I've never
even considered matrimony.

Nor I, but no matter
which of us she accepts...

we'll always be the best of friends.
Now remember, not a word
about her unfortunate experience.

- You don't want to hurt her feelings.
- Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Miss Lady, ma'am.
Please, I don't want to see anybody.
Now, now, lassie,
Do not feel that way about it.

Of course not, Miss Lady.
Why, some of the finest people
I ever tracked down were jail birds.

Quiet, you great loony!
Uh, please, lassie, uh, we've come...
with a-a proposition for helping' ya.