Le Amiche

I painted her picture, that's all.
And her parents haven't even
paid for it yet!

Perhaps Rosetta thought
you were painting it as a gift.

A gift?
Why would she think that?

But who can tell with her?
I knew her like I knew other women.

Less, 'cause she's not easy to get to know.
It wasn't easy painting her portrait.

Besides, when she came to sit,
Nene was always here.

What is it, dear?
Rosetta tried to commit suicide.
And apparently she did it
on my account.

She's just the type to believe it.
I'd like to know
what you're up to!

You have to admit the circumstances
are very unusual.

If I were going to kill myself,
I'd want to speak to anybody...

but certainly not you.
- To each his own.
- Exactly.

I'm not here
to criticize Rosetta's taste.

I'd just like to know why.
There has to be some reason!

It wasn't me, all right?
So I seduced and abandoned her?
I wouldn't be surprised
in the least.

He can't even brush his teeth
unless some woman is in love with him.

Don't make me laugh.
Who told you
she was trying to call me?

- Maybe she was looking for Nene.
- No.

If you must know...
Rosetta was not
particularly fond of her.

- That's what you say.
- I'm only telling the truth.

How about offering us
a cup of tea?

Good idea. Let's go in the other room.
Coming, Lorenzo?

You go ahead. I'm going out.
Go on, Momina.
I'm sure Nene has a lot to ask you.

Now that she's convinced
that Rosetta and I...

Shall I say it?
Rosetta didn't kill herself.
I killed her.