Les Diaboliques

-What was in the bottIe?
-Whiskey, idiot!

PIease, I don't want to hear
about that anymore.

Patard, if you want to spend
your vacation here...

you'II have aII the time to draw.
M. Patard, you heard.
You won't go on vacation.
MigueI, what's the matter?
-I didn't want to punish him.
-So don't threaten him.

Patard did very weII on
his EngIish quiz.

That's not a reason to
disgrace himseIf.

I won't have any regrets.
No. I can't. I can't.
I wasn't even abIe to get
a divorce. So!

-Do you stiII Iove him?
-Of course not.

-You can't understand.
-Am I stupid?

-Divorce is a deadIy sin.

And what about the knife
you carried around for a month...

-Wasn't that a deadIy sin?
-I was jeaIous. I was mad.

But to concoct this thing...No.
As you wish. But think about it.
We'II never find a better

And we have just three days.
Everyone knows I am Ieaving for
Niort. You'II come and rest.

-Don't you beIieve in heII?
-Not since I was seven.

I do.