Love Me or Leave Me

Now, Marty, Marty.
Don't get sore, Marty.

Who's sore?
When Georgie tells me a customer don't
wanna pay up his bill, I wanna hear why.

Because I'm tired of being
milked like a cow every week.

Why can't I pay you off?
Cut that out, orry.
I run a legitimate laundry.

What laundry tells you
how many tablecloths to take?

My laundry. It's our policy.
We want our customers should be clean.

Who needs so many tablecloths?
Who comes to a place like this to eat?

Every customer has a quota.
Otherwise, he wouldn't pay me.

Mr. Orry.
- Mr. Orry.
- That's all right. That's all right.

- Let go of me!
- Oh, it's you again.

- She broke my leg. I'm gonna sue.
- My dear man.

- It was an accident.
- Accident? She kicked me on purpose.

- Impossible.
- I can explain.

Did you or did you not
kick this customer?

Yes. But I warned him.
I warned him three times.

- You're fired.
- That's not fair. He's the one who's wrong.

He's got 1 o cents for a dance.
He can't be wrong.

Cash in your ticket and get out of here.
The next dance is on the house.
Enjoy yourself.

But be careful the way you dance.
Get him a girl.
Marty, you gotta understand my angle.
Now, business hasn't been so...

Not bad, huh?
I could fix it up. She's one of those
stage-struck ones. You know the type.

Too bad, kid.
You gonna pay up, orry?
Or you want we should
suspend our service?