Love Me or Leave Me

To quote Willie Shakespeare
Please lend me your ear

My introduction is done with pride
This act is known both far and wide

His imitations are all the go
So here he is, the star of our show

Eddie Fulton!
One chorus in the next number.
We're running late.

Hooray for Johnny Alderman.
The people's friend.

Hey, deal me in.
Taking in laundry?
I got a sack full of socks.

I wish I had.
These have to last till payday.

Point is, can you last till payday?
I get tired just watching you out there.
I must be something to watch.
I'm just not a dancer, that's all.

It seems odd you'd want
a job dancing, then.

I didn't. They made a mistake.
I'm a singer.

You had much experience?
None so far. I'm just starting.
You going about it the right way?
What do you mean?
Somebody gives me a chance, I'll sing.

I've seen a lot of singers fail
because they get off to a bad start.

Now is when you need coaching,
before you form bad habits.