Love Me or Leave Me

You think like Ruthie, it's some church?
Mention Ziegfeld, everybody kneels down?

I'm thinking of her. What you're doing
to her, what you've been doing to her.

- I gotta look out for her.
- They're looking out for her.

They're the best in the business.
They'll make a big star out of her.

But you can't shove them around.
Yeah. You don't have to worry
about me.

I don't wanna do nothing to hurt Ruthie,
but I'm just used to taking care.

- I just can't sit and do nothing for her.
- I know, Marty.

And I understand.
- You wanna have a cup of coffee?
- Sure. I'd like it.

- As a matter of fact, I'll buy you lunch.
- You'll buy?

I'll buy. Come on.