Mister Roberts

-Good morning, Mr. Roberts.
-Good morning, Dowdy.

lt's hotter up here than it is
down in that mess hall.

Look at that cruddy island! Smell it!
lt's so hot it already smells like a hog pen.
Think we'll get out of here today?
l don't know. There are three LCMs
coming alongside for supplies.

Are they getting up yet?
Yeah, they're startin' to stumble around
down there, the poor, punch-drunk....

When are you goin' to the Captain again
and ask him to give this crew a liberty?

These guys ain't been off this ship
for over a year except on duty.

The last time l asked the Captain
was last night.

-What'd he say?
-He said ''no''!

We've gotta get these guys ashore.
They're goin' Asiatic.

When you see him again, Mr. Roberts....
You know l will, Dowdy.
ln the meantime,
have Dolan type that up for me.

Your letter? Yes, sir.
Now hear this! Now hear this!
Sweepers, man your brooms.
Give her a clean sweep-down fore and aft.
Sweep down all ladders
and all passageways.

Do not throw trash over the fantail.