Mister Roberts

''...of the recreational facilities of this port.''
That means liberty!
-That don't mean liberty?
-That's exactly what it means.

Somebody must have been drunk
to send us to a liberty port.

-The old man seen them orders?
-Saw them before l did.

Elysium, where is that?
''Elysium is the largest
of the Limbo lslands.

''lt's often referred to
as the Polynesian paradise.

''Vanilla, sugar, cocoa, coffee, phosphates
and rum are the chief exports.''

Rum! Did you hear that?
''Elysium City, its capital,
is a beautiful metropolis...

''...of palm-lined boulevards, handsome
public buildings and colorful stucco homes.

''Since 1900, its population has remained
remarkably constant at about 30,000.''

Wait till we get there!
Go on, Mr. Roberts, go on.
''Elysium harbor, offering
excellent anchorage and docking facilities...

''...is surrounded on three sides
by beautiful, green, cloud-covered hills.

''The natives are noted
for their congeniality and hospitality.''

Nice port, huh, Mr. Roberts?
We finally made it, Mr. Roberts!