My Sister Eileen

Here, let me give you a hand.
Thanks, Wreck.
By the way, heres the grocery list.

Are you sure you dont mind?
No, of course not.
I got to go to the store anyway.

Heres the money.
I think that ought to be enough.

In case it isnt, take off the cookies
and the soft drinks.

Were on an awfully tight budget.
I know what you mean.
Since Im out of work...

Helen makes me
watch the pennies pretty close.

- What kind of work you out of?
- I play pro football during the season.

- What do you do the rest of the year?
- I usually wrestle, but I got suspended.

- Why?
- Overacting.

How about you girls?
You got any connections here in town?

Yeah. I have a letter of introduction
to the editor of Manhatter magazine.

- Thats good. How about Eileen?
- Eileen doesnt need a letter.

Im all ready. Do I look all right?
- I cant remember when you didnt.
- You look beautiful.

Any producer
that wouldnt hire you is a girl.

Thanks, Wreck. I dont know
where to go or how to get started.

Most of the actors around here
read Variety to see whats going on.

If were gonna do it, lets do it.
- Yeah.
- Which way to the subway?

Lts right up the... Come on, llI show you.
Its right up at this corner.
Remember, you take the uptown train.

- This corner?
- Thats right.

- Good luck, you guys.
- Bye.

Good morning, darlings.
Did you have a good nights sleep?

Sure. For a place with a bad location
and no neon sign...

- we did a whale of a business.
- Theres no hot water in the shower.

Thats why you look so cool and refreshed.
- I assume youre off to seek employment?
- Yes. I guess we better get started.

Youth. You have this great metropolis...
grovelling at your feet
like a passionate lover.

Thats what I thought when I left Ohio,
but now Im scared.

- Youre not alone, honey.
- Pish-tosh!

There are only two things you need
in this troubled world to succeed.

A: Confidence. B: Patience.