Do you think people do talk about us?
You know how they are,
like a swarm of mud wasps...

... always buzzing about something.
What are they saying, you’re stuck on me?
Most of the talk is that you’re stuck on me.
- Can’t imagine how these ugly rumors start.
- Me, neither.

Why do they think up stories that
link my name with yours?

Why do the neighbors gossip all day
behind their doors?

I know a way to prove what they say
is quite untrue

Here is the gist,
a practical list of “don’ts” for you

Don’t throw
bouquets at me,
Don’t please
my folks too much,
Don’t laugh
at my jokes too much--
People will say we’re in love!
Who laughs at your jokes?
Don’t sigh
and gaze at me
Your sighs
are so like mine,
Your eyes
mustn’t glow like mine--
People will say we’re in love!
Don’t start
collecting things
Like what?
Give me my rose and my glove;