... and you brought it on yourself.
I can’t help it.
I can’t never rest.
I told you how it was...
... and you wouldn’t listen.
You ain’t never gonna get rid of me.
Have you seen Annie? She’s gone again.
Will you do something for me?
Will you find Curly and tell him I’m here?

I want to see Curly awfully bad.
I’ve got to see--

Why don’t you turn around
and look, crazy woman?

You found yours.
I’m still looking for mine.
What on earth is ailing
the belle of Claremore?

- By gum, if you ain’t crying.
- Curly, I’m afraid for my life.

- Jumping toadstools!
- Don’t you leave me!

- Gosh almighty!
- Don’t mind me crying.

I can’t help it!
- You can cry your eyes out!
- I don’t know what to do.

Here, I’ll show you.
That’s all a man can stand in public.
You go away from me!

You don’t like me, Curly?
Like you? You get away from me,
I tell you, plumb away from me.

Curly, you’re sitting on the stove!
- It’s cold as a hunk of ice.
- Wished it had burned a hole in your pants.

- You do, do you?
- You heared me!

Laurey, you stand right there
where you are...

... and I’ll sit right over here.