Sommarnattens leende

- Excuse me while I have a bath.
- Certainly.

- Should I leave the room?
- Don't be so foolish.

- I'm still bleeding.
- Fredrik... come over here.

Am I as beautiful as I was?
Have the years changed me?

Be honest.
You are just as beautiful,
just as desirable.

Your body has that perfection
which perfection lacks.

A lure not found in excellence.
The show is over.
Go and sit on the sofa over there.

Can you finish fooling about
so I can dress you?

- Oh no, you're cross with me, Malla...
- Not cross, only sleepy.

If it weren't for you, Malla,
I'd be a reed shaken by the wind.

Either way, you're a confounded reed!
Is that gentleman handsome
and worth consideration?

I know Mr Egerman,
he's as careless as they come.

- As careless as they come.
- Miss Desiree is getting on.

Before you know it, you'll be
on the wrong side of your salad days.

So I'm wasting my youth
on the wrong men?

There's a time for gaiety
and a time for gravity.

One doesn't want too many scratches
in the veneer.

Where is my red dress?
- Are you going to a party?
- Yes, I am.

I'm going out with Fredrik Egerman.
We are going to revive old memories.

You are hereby formally invited
for a glass of wine.