Tuntematon sotilas

Where you going?
- Nowhere.

Stay put then.
I thought you were leaving.

Don't go,
the magazines will run dry.

It was that bastard
behind the spruce.

You gave me a new haircut,
I'll shoot your head off.

You're not fooling
Antti Rokka!

Did you do all this shooting?
- You could say that, yeah.

They tried shooting back, though.
One of them bruised my head.

I was out for a second.
- I almost ran.

Yes, you did. Made me
laugh when I came to.

You're one hell of a man.
- You see, it's like this.

If you start running, you'll run
all across the Gulf of Bothnia.

They'll come running after you.
But if you won't budge, they're
helpless. That's defense strategy.

That's the wisdom.
Don't you bundle me up!
I won't see or hear a thing!