- Your French stinks.
- So does the morale.

Beat it.
Yes, sir.
Lieutenant Costa, sir.
- Russians!
- He's a regular Cossack. He's real tough.

But underneath it all, Snowden,
there beats a heart of solid rock.

Stop the scratching, Bernstein.
I'm just checking to see
if l got my dog tags.

Hello, Lieutenant.
- I thought l'd find you here.
- So, what happened?

You jerk. Why did you blow up?
Forget that. I saw the colonel leave.
What happened?

I talked to him. I told him that
we were in no shape for combat.

- (man) All right, let's go!
- And?

- What's going on over there?
- Never mind. What did he say?

He already knew about Cooney,
and he was understanding.

Sure. understanding.
You'd think those two
were a vaudeville team.

Erskine and Clyde:
funny sayings, eccentric dances.

Just a couple of little ol' country boys.
up to their knees in blood.
What it adds up to is this:
we've nothing to worry about

as far as Cooney is concerned.
The word from upstairs is
it looks like we're out of the shooting.

- What if we're not?
- He said it's a hundred to one that we are.

What if we have to go back up? The
colonel conned you out of any action.

He didn't con me.
He talked straight sense.

You haven't got it figured. I have.
If we go back, l got a solution for Cooney.
A simple one. No channels to go through.

- Just a nice, simple solution.
- What? Joe! What would you do?

I got it figured.
Just let him goof once more.

- Look, don't get any funny ideas.
- I mean it, Harry!

Get your men on the road
in 20 minutes, sir. Full packs.