- I thought l saw something.
- Where?

- On the road, just back of the steeple.
- What was it?

I don't know. A tank, a turret, something.
- I don't see anything.
- It pulled back.

- That's how it caught my eye.
- A truck?

- Yeah.
- Could very well have been a truck.

The way our luck's going,
it's gotta be a tank.

If they got tanks in there,
they'll nail us to the floor.

- You'd make great wall-to-wall carpeting.
- (Costa) Shut up, both of you.

Did you spot him? Ricks, you see him?
No, sir.
Fragile Fox Two to Fragile Fox One.
In order to get a shot at Bernstein,
he would have to be...

Yeah, sure. See? The church steeple. That
sacrilegious son-of-a-gun is in the belfry.

How do you know that?
Only place he can angle a shot at you.
- Can you see him?
- (Toliver) Not now, l don't.

If you can't see him,
how can you get a shot at him?

Strategy, Bernstein.
You step out front and bring me in
what you see by the stoop.

- Out front?
- Move.

Fragile Fox Two to Fragile Fox One,
do you read me? Over.

Fragile Fox One,
l read you loud and clear.

Is that you, Jackson? Over.
Yes, sir, it's me. Hold on, Lieutenant.
I'll get somebody. Over.

Captain, it's Lieutenant Costa
on the radio, sir.

See what's doing, Woody boy.
Go on, see what he wants.

You know what he wants, Captain.
All right, bare a hand here!
Get these men in there. Take it easy.
- This is Harry. What's the score? Over.
- Where's Cooney? Over.