Bigger Than Life

Examples of their little hobbies...
...butterflies, home
weaving and so on.

We call it 'sharing'.
Ladies and gentlemen, there're
100,000 schools like this...

...from coast to coast.
Every year whole forests are
cut down for paper...

...for these grotesque daubs.
And we coo over them as though
they were Van Goghs...

...and Rembrandts.
I'm afraid...
...Mr. Avery hasn't faith in the
unspoiled instincts of childhood.

Dear Lady.
Childhood is a congenital disease
to be cured by education.

I see my point-of-view is
now to may of you.

But ask yourselves.
How do we describe the unfortunate
individual who carries his...

...'unspoiled, childhood
instincts' into adult life?

We say he's arrested.
We call him a moron.
I'm not sure that I like my daughter
Louise thought of that way.

And by her teacher!
Your Louise is a charming
little creature.

But we must try to examine
the problem without prejudice.

Your daughter, at her present
stage of development...

:45:24 roughly on an intellectual
par with the African gorilla.

Isn't it getting hot here?
Excuse me, sir.
She's the President of the PTA.
What, after all, from the Stone
Age to the present day...

...has been the greatest
invention of mankind?

Has anyone a match?
Thank you.