Elena et les hommes

I love crowds.
Henri, I love crowds!
I'll take you home.
No, I love crowds.
- Give me some wine.
- Watch out. It goes to your head.

It's like drinking water.
Only much better.
I know a place that has
the best champagne in Paris.

- Where's that?
- My place.

May I take you there?
Let's stay here.
It's been a marvelous evening.
I've never been so happy.
Let's have lots of wine.
We'll all drink together.

Please, Elena, let's go.
Hey, drinks all around!
This lovely lady's buying!

We'll all drink together.
Long live Rollan!
Down with Rollan!
Long live Rollan!
Down with Rollan.
No fighting!
We're all brothers on Bastille Day!