Elena et les hommes

- Where will we go on our honeymoon?
- The barracks. I'll be a soldier.

- But women aren't allowed.
- We'll find a way.

- Anything wrong?
- No, everything's fine when you're here.

- Tell Lolotte to prepare my dress.
- I'd love to.

My dear Denise,
you're going about it all wrong.

Eugene is a tormented soul.
He only longs for the unattainable.

You're taking that girl
from the Opera away again.

Poor Gaudin, she has six children,
and the eldest just got married.

- Why'd we invite her then?
- It's obvious you're from Bourbon-Salins.

Have you forgotten that we're celebrating
double engagements tonight?

Mine to my dear Princess!
And my son's to your dear Denise.
- So what?
- What do you mean?

Throwing a double-engagement dinner
without an opera singer just isn't done!

- That's too much water.
- It's to put out the fire inside me.

- What are you doing tonight after dinner?
- Going to bed. And you?

How odd! Me, too.
Aren't you ashamed?
You're engaged!

- All the more reason.
- What do you mean?

What would Denise say?
- I don't give a damn about her.

When you're a soldier in Bourbon-Salins,
you'll see her every day.

I don't give a damn
about Bourbon-Salins.

Mr. Eugene!
Where can I seat Galandard,
of Galandard Wines?

Or Mrs. Bourdalou,
the cheese widow?

Wine and cheese? Seat them together.
They'll make a nice couple.

Splendid idea!
What would I do without you?