Elena et les hommes

- Bravo, my brother.
- The people are with us.

- Destiny has spoken.
- The Paris troops are yours.

1: We march on the Elysée.
2: We occupy congress.

First, the secretary of the interior.
He's key. An infantry division will do.

- As ambassador to the Vatican -
- Be quiet. Leave me alone.

Going beyond the law
is repugnant to me.

It's your duty.
The aide to the council chairman
asks to see you.

- Don't. It's a trap.
- Show him in.

May I speak in front
of these gentlemen?

Please do.
The government fears that
the celebrations in your honor

might degenerate into disorder.
I've been asked to deliver
a friendly warning
against worrisome consequences.

You want me to resign
as war secretary.

Just advice. A wish.
Not an order.
It's preferable for you to leave Paris.
Where am I being sent?
The command of the 41 st Regiment
at Bourbon-Salins is vacant.
But that's a backwater!
- Shall I throw him out the window?
- One moment, Hector.

We're listening.
- The president will receive you privately

to express his regrets personally.
The president is too kind.
- It's an outrage!
- It's a warning.

Enough politics.
Finally, we'll be happy.

I'll need three weeks to order dresses,
Then I'll join you in Bourbon-Salins.

Dear Paulette.