Forbidden Planet

and I have, believe me,
no wish to repeat that experience.

We'll see you again soon,
Alta, I hope.

- Thank you very much, Doctor.
- Excellent lunch, Doctor.

To tell the truth, I sometimes
still miss the conversation...

of such gentlemen
as yourself, Doctor.

Well, thank you for your
courtesy and concern, sir.

Fasten your seat belts, gentlemen.
Easy with this core. Our M.G. coils
won't take us home without it.

Come on, Cookie, out of the way.
You wanna get run over?

Handle it gently.
It has to get us home.

- Is it far enough away from the ship?
- Sure. No interference there.

- What about the magnetic pull?
- Bosun, drop the thing down over there.

Aye, aye, sir.
Where do you wish
the shielding stacked, sir?

You can just put it right over
there by the core, thank you.

Wait a minute.
That's solid lead he's carrying.

Common lead would have
crushed the vehicle, sir.

This is my morning's run
of isotope 217.