Friendly Persuasion

Won't thee come in, friend?
Thank you.
You're the minister of this meeting?
I am. One of them.
My name is Major Harvey.
- Won't thee sit down, friend?
- Thank you, no.

I've had the duty placed upon me of
speaking to you Quakers about the war.

It is a matter much on our minds...
...and in our prayers.
But your men don't fight in it.
Some have.
But you do not encourage them.
We do not encourage them.
Ma'am, the Union has endured
two years of bloody civil war.

Thousands have given their lives in
battle to free our country from slavery.

We are opposed to slavery.
But we do not believe it right
to kill one man to free another.

Ma'am, it's not going to be a question
of fighting for freedom or a principle...

...but of protecting our own towns,
our own homes, from attack.

Would you men stand by while others
die to protect you?

You look like a boy who could give a
good account of himself.

I've been tempted to fight.
I guess the Good Lord knows why.
I mean, sometimes I get the
sinful wish to get into a scrap.