Friendly Persuasion

So I got to watch myself
closer than most people.

So I'll just stay away from the war.
Because if I ever got into it,
I'd be a goner.

And you, son?
Are you ready to put up with looting
and killing without lifting a finger?

Are you afraid to fight?
I don't know.
Here, at last, is an honest answer.
I don't wish to offend...
...but how many of you are hiding
behind your church to save your skins?

Is it right to let others fight for you?
To protect your lives and your property?
Why don't you speak up?
I'll speak up.
Nothing could ever induce me
to bear arms against my fellow man.

Burn my house!
Destroy my crops! Attack my family!
And I declare to all...
...especially to thee, Josh Birdwell,
wavering in thy convictions...

...nothing can move me to violence!
It seems Friend Purdy has already
been moved to considerable violence.

I misdoubt any of us here
could say with surety...

...what we would do in case of attack.
I have my doubts as to the strength
of thy convictions too.

I have my own doubts.
I've often asked myself...
...what I would do if I saw
my family endangered...

:24:54 wife and children threatened.
If the test comes, all I can say is...