Friendly Persuasion

Eliza, what does thee like about
that shifty-eyed bird?

Why, Jess!
She marches along so lordly-like.
Marched real lordly through two pecks
of young strawberries this morning.

- Hello, Gard.
- Hello, Josh.

- You home on leave?
- Got a week's furlough.

Hello, Little Jess, Mrs. Birdwell.
Hello, Mr. Birdwell.
I came over to apologize about
that little brush last Sunday.

It wasn't my idea.
We know that.
Jess is going to get a nice slow horse
that doesn't have any racing ideas.

Did thee shoot any rebs?
What are they like?
They're just people like us.
But did thee shoot any?
Let's have no more talk of war...
...and killing.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
- Come in and set.
- Thank you.

You folks going to the fair?
I used to like the fair...
...but it's come to be
no place for us.

They've got some fine exhibits.
Needlework, livestock, poultry.
And geese.
Eliza, it might be just the place
to pick us up a nice slow horse.

Thee go, Jess. The fair's come to have
so many sideshows, freaks, dancing...

What does thee know about dancing?

She knows a thing or two.
Did Mama ever dance?
That was 20 years ago.
Twenty years exactly, come October.
I was courting her.