Friendly Persuasion

The whole situation's bewildering
Last winter the cough
Carried off my poor bride
If you want to take care
Of six children
Come and marry me
Marry me
Pack your valises and marry me
They're coming!
They're coming!
I'm glad to have thee home.
- Thee'll break my ribs!
- I'll get the bags.

I'm glad thee's back.
I've missed thee.

I've missed thee.
Come, thee must be hungry.
- Where's Mattie?
- She'll be back soon.

Where'd thee get this horse?
Thee kept thy word.
Thee got rid of Red Rover.
Glad to see you.
Is this horse well?
There's nothing to fear on that score.
She's not much to look at.
But if thee doesn't mind that...

This is the very horse
I've been praying for.

A good, plain animal that won't fill
every man on the pike with racing ideas.