Friendly Persuasion

Lady'll discourage racing ideas,
I promise thee.

Come in.
Thee must be starved.

We haven't had a good meal
since we left.

I'll be in in a minute.
I'll help thee unhitch, Enoch.
This looks like the place.
Hello, there!
Good evening.
Certainly is good to see you again.

Here we are.
Good evening.
You know, it is certainly
a pleasure to see you.

This is a joy I've been waiting for.
I offer you...
:57:41 salutations, my felicitations
and my congratulations.

What for?
Why, ma'am, this organ.
The world's finest!
You've got a treat coming to you.
Just hold your breath.

Now look at that.
Isn't that a beauty?

Genuine walnut. Not an inch of
unornamented wood in the entire cabinet.

Good evening, Brother Birdwell!
Hello, there.

There must be some mistake.
This gentleman says thee's mixed up...

...with this musical instrument.
"Mixed" is scarcely the word for it.
It's gone beyond courting to marriage.

Your husband...
Thy husband is now the proud
and lucky owner of a Payson and Clarke.

This organ. This substitute on earth
for choiring angels.

Father Birdwell, why keep
the lady in suspense?

You just give me a hand
and we'll get it inside.

We must step delicately.
My wife is a Quaker minister.

You may know all about
Quaker ministers, but I know women.

What a woman wants is a good,
firm hand and a strong voice.

Not Eliza.
Wait until you hear your husband...
...when he seats himself
at this console.

You know, you are married to an artist.
I forbid thee to have this instrument!