Friendly Persuasion

Sit down.
Thee'll feel better after thee eats.
I'm not hungry.
Might make thee a little calmer.
And a little more courteous
to thy mother.

Thee asks me to be calm when the whole
of Vernon's getting ready to fight.

And Morgan's men may
break in here at any minute.

Father, thee knows we must fight.
If thee has a sword
in thy heart, son...

...thee must pull it out and use it.
But there's no sword in my heart.
No man is my enemy.

Any man who kills innocent people
is my enemy.

My mortal enemy.
Thee's seen bad things today.
Thee's upset.

We've got more than we need here.
It's high time we shared it.

If thee gives all thee's got to
the enemy, thy friends will go hungry.

What's good about that?
Thee wants to go out and fight,
give thy life for what thee believes.

Any of us here I'm sure
is ready to do that.

But that's not what
thee'll be asked to do.

What thee'll be asked to do now...
:38:26 to kill.
I know that.
I'll kill if I have to.
Thou shalt not kill.
Mother, I hate fighting.
I don't want to die.
I don't know if I could
kill anyone if I tried.

But I have to try
so long as other people have to.