Friendly Persuasion

...your trigger finger will be numb.
Who gave that rebel yell?
I did, sir.
Do it again and I'll shoot you!
And the same goes for
any other man here!

Chopping wood?
We burn wood every winter, Purdy.
Pretty soon thee'll have no house
to burn wood in.

Some of Morgan's thieving men
burnt my barn...

...stole my horses
and cleaned out my smokehouse.

I'm sorry to hear that.
Thee is welcome to anything I've got.
No, thanks. If thee wants to help...
...pick up a gun and fight...
...the same as I'm doing.
I'm not ready to do that.
What does thee aim to do?
Sit here and turn the other cheek?

That's what I aim to do...
...if I can.
Thee's got to face the fact that wartime
calls for another kind of thinking.

Your thinking may have changed,
but you haven't.