We were on the train, we were
peeping out the windows and she said:

"Is that yucca out there?"
And I said, "I think it is! "

Both of us were wild about yucca.
Mr. Stevens came over and said,
"What's all the giggling about, girls?"

I said,
"We just spotted some yucca growing.

"And we can't see it. It's so far away.
But it's just wonderful! "

He said, "You want some yucca?"
I said, "How would that be possible?"
He said, "I think we can work it out."

He went out, some cord was pulled,
and the whole train stopped.

And I have wonderful home movies.
I'm so thrilled to have them...

with Elizabeth, who looks so beautiful,
holding the yucca up.

So many things happened that were fun,
and all happy memories.

It was the very beginning of the film...
and the night before,
Elizabeth, very nicely, had asked...

my then future wife and I to come over...
to she and Michael Wilding's house
for dinner...

and have an evening of getting acquainted.
"It's going to be a long time together,"
and so forth.

It was very nice and very polite of her
to do so, and we did.

And we had a wonderful time.
And it was a very liquid evening.
And several martinis later...
suddenly we realize
it's 3:00 in the morning.

And we have to get up and go to work
and shoot this wedding scene.

Elizabeth had to get up, I guess, at 5:30.
Girls don't have it as lucky as guys do.
I had to get up around 6:30 or something.
But we both were so dreadfully hung-over.
We had to shoot this scene,
this highly emotional scene.

Not a word to each other,
but just look at each other.

We shot the scene, and the hairdressers...