I loved him.
I followed him around like a puppy.
I worshipped that man.
And so I saw...
perhaps a little more
than maybe other people did.

He was handsome and sensuous...
and marvelous as the young man.
And then I thought he really excelled...
as the elder man.
I thought he did a wonderful job.

He was inspired by the part,
inspired by George Stevens.

I thought he did a wonderful job.
Toward the end of the movie, when he had
to wear the extra weight and padding...

everything showed in the long underwear!
But he'd do the Charleston and everything,
just for my home movies...

which was very different
than his character on-screen...

as Bick Benedict,
whom he played in Giant.

Rock Hudson was 28 years old
and hadn't played very demanding roles.

It was early in his career.
Here he had to age from 28 to 58.
And toward the end of the picture...
they would build him up in here
with padding...

and make him heavier,
and some gray in the hair.

There's a scene where he has an argument
with Dennis Hopper late in the film.

I was on the set
the day they did it here at the studio.

Dad had asked Rock to look at
some Spencer Tracy pictures...

to get a feeling of how an actor....
Thinking that Tracy had a quality
of an older man...

that would be useful to Rock.
He and Dennis took this scene.
It's a scene where they have an argument.

They rehearsed it. They walked around.
Dad would always just go on the set
and let them do it.

He wouldn't say,
"You stand there, you sit here."

They were going around having at it,
and they did it for a little while.