during this hot summer in Texas,
and it gets really hot.

It was one of those blacktop highways.
He came upon a wreck.
There had been an accident.

A black man who had been injured
was lying out on the side of the highway...

in this hot, boiling Texas sun.
And it took an hour...
for them to get an ambulance there
to help him, and the man was hurt.

Jimmy stood over him...
and afforded him shade for that hour.
To shade his face
so he wouldn't be lying in that boiling sun.

He was very touched by the fact
that the church...

the preacher, the minister had spoken
about that, about his humanity...

about stopping on the side of the road
to help somebody.

He was very touched by the fact
that they had talked about it in church.

I couldn't believe all that he went through
before he did a scene.

He'd limber up his shoulders
and shake his fingers...

and I'd look at him in awe.
Finally one day, I thought, I've got
to find out what all of that is about.

I went up and I said, "Jimmy?
"Will you answer a question for me?"
And he said, "Sure. What is it?"
I said, "Why do you do all of this...
"bend over and limber up your shoulders
or whatever you're doing?"

He said, "To get in the mood."
I said, "To get in the mood for what?"
He said, "For what I'm supposed to do."
I said, "Oh."
He said, "You never do anything."
I said, "Oh, you've noticed that.
"I've never seen anything
like what you've done ever before.

"Is this part of Method acting? I'm sorry.
"I've never had any acting lessons
in my life.

"I just do what my heart tells me.
"I don't know any other way to do it.
"I try to think about what character
I'm supposed to be...

"and what that person would think of,
in the characterization...