There I saw, a few minutes later...
Jimmy Dean come up on his motorcycle.
because I guess a lot of people...

are on motorcycles these days,
but it was kind of...

a big, exciting thing for someone
to be on a motorcycle then.

He put me on the back
and drove me around the lot.

Showed me the lot.
Mr. Stevens used to say
I was sort of the hostess...

and the heart and soul.
In his autograph to me in my book...

he said,
"You're the heart and soul of Giant."

He never wanted me to leave very much.
He always wanted me to stay around
on the set, even when I wasn't working.

So I felt I was very helpful to Earl...
when he first came in on the picture.
I got a call from my agent.
I had done a movie called Broken Lance
with Spencer Tracy, playing his son.

George Stevens was looking for...
Iocations where they could shoot Giant.
They were running Broken Lance
to look at Nogales, New Mexico.

I understand that George, when he saw
me doing one of the scenes I was doing...

with Spencer Tracy...
turned to his assistant and said,
"I want to use that boy in Giant."

So he called my agent,
and my agent called me...

and told me, and I got
the book immediately and read it.

They said they wanted me
for the role of Bob Dace.

Bob Dace is mentioned once in the book.
He's four years old.
He's out picking mountain oysters...

when they're making steers
out of the bulls.

I thought,
"That's not a part. That's no part."

They said, eventually,
that George wanted to see me.

They had, in the meantime,
started shooting the film in Virginia...

and I had to come back
to do the interiors of the Virginia stuff...

at the studio, at Warner Brothers.