that they were a part of this movie.
The entire time we were there,
that's the kind of reception we got.

People felt like they were a part
of the company.

They never resented us being there at all.
It was a dusty, one-horse town,
a one-street town.

I don't know what Marfa is today.
It's probably a metropolitan area.
I don't know.

Everybody wore blue jeans and so forth.
Elizabeth would arrive
when everybody else had finished eating.

My mouth used to just drop open...
every night, because she would show up
in the most glamorous wardrobe...

for this rather dingy dining room.
She'd have on
white chiffon with sparkles...

or she'd have on black chiffon
with ermine tails.

Every night, as long as we were there...
and we were there a couple of months...
she had a different dress on
every night, different jewelry.

Jimmy and I ate dinner together...
and he always made fun of this.
But I could see
that he was really impressed...

with her, with what he thought
was Old Hollywood...

that he wasn't a part of,
that he'd never known.

Elizabeth used to come in
with Rock Hudson.

After a while, Jimmy found a way...
not during dinner, because
he would have been too embarrassed...

by the fancy clothes,
and walking into the dining room...

with Elizabeth
and all this hoopla and so forth....

But after dinner, Jimmy found a way...
of getting together with Elizabeth,
and telling her...

all his troubles.
This is, of course, a great ploy...
to get a woman to pay attention to you...
especially one as warm-hearted
as Elizabeth is.

They used to spend long hours together.