with two or three other members
of the cast...

and part of the crew.
Afterwards, everybody would come
to Withers USO at night...

but we'd first go to the country club,
because there was a lovely pool there...

and it was cool.
We'd play water polo.
They had these big, old,
what do you call them? lnner tubes!

For old-fashioned tires, you know?
The boys would get them, Rock especially.
He would have a hoot and holler of a time,
where he'd get the two big, round things...

and then everyone would have
to dive off the board to get through there.

Dennis did it every time,
usually two at a time.

He was a very good swimmer.
He had a lot of fun with us there.
We all had a good time
at the country club.

It was the only pool anywhere around.
It was greatly appreciated by all of us.
When Dad first talked with Jimmy Dean...
about playing Jett Rink...
Jimmy had been here on the lot
at Warner Brothers...

and used to hang around the office...
and would come over wearing costumes
that he thought suggested Jett Rink.

It was a part he really wanted to play.
It was a gamble.
He was young. They were talking
about Montgomery Clift...

and more experienced actors.
I thought that Jimmy was a terrific actor.
I really did.

He believed in bringing
as much of himself...

to the part as possible.
There were a lot ofstories
about how kooky he was...

because he spent all his time
with the cowboys.

He was roping, he was riding.
He was learning how to shoot a rifle
for the first time.

Actually, that was all research for the film.