Lust for Life

You are now qualified
for evangelical work...

under the auspices of the Belgian
Committee of the Messengers of the Faith.

May the Lord guide you
and sustain you in all your ways.

Congratulations, Dr. Bosman.
A very creditable group of young men.

Now about this
other young man, Dr. Bosman.

Are you sure he's quite hopeless?
Gentlemen, I've trained a great
many students in evangelical work...

but never in my life
have I come across a case quite like this.

He is completely unable
to speak extemporary.

He prepares long and obscure sermons
which he's unable to memorize...

and has to read
like a stumbling and inarticulate child.

Now, gentlemen, can we send
that kind of man out into the field...

to represent our society?
Dr. Peeters, I think that's conclusive.
Dr. Bosman, ask him to come in, please.
Mr. Van Gogh, we have Dr. Bosman's
report on your progress here.

- In view of what he's told us...
- You understand...

if your teacher feels
that you're unqualified...

this committee cannot give you
an appointment.

We regret it more than we can say.
Gentlemen, I think that concludes
Committee business for today.

Mr. Van Gogh, do you feel that the
Committee were unjust in their decision?