Lust for Life

That's why, when you paint from nature,
don't fix your eye on any one spot.

Take in everything at once.
And above all, don't be timid.
Trust your first impression.
Everything you've been doing,
what we've all been doing. ; obsolete...

the whole lot of us
guessing with every brush stroke...

pouring rivers of paint
into haphazard combinations...

when actually, everything we're after
can be achieved mathematically.

What are you talking about? Seurat again?
Do you really think
a painting can be done by formula?

Can be? Is being done, right here in Paris...
through precise, scientific methods.
I don't mix my colors on canvas.
I mix them in the eye of the spectator.
Once you accept the phenomenon of
the duration of light in the human retina...

Excuse me. But this is a sunlit exterior.
Now, why do you paint it indoors
by gaslight?

- I mean, how can you judge your colors?
- Why not?

Come on, Seurat,
put him out of his misery.

- I've tried, but he's still in darkness.
- All right, Bernard. Come here.

Everything I do is worked out in advance...
with mathematical accuracy,
through precise scientific methods.

I know exactly
what colors I'm going to use...

before I pick up my brushes.
And my palette is methodically prepared
in the order of the spectrum.

As you see, blue, blue-violet,
violet, violet-red...

red, red-orange, orange-yellow...