Seven Men from Now

Anytime you're ready, Mr. Greer.
Giddap! Giddap, there!
Giddap, there. Come on, giddap!
Giddap! Giddap, there!
Well, l'd say that's the way
to get a wagon out of the mud.

l'd get to water as soon as l could
and wash your animals down...

before that mud cakes on them.
l'll do that, Mr. Stride.
l can't thank you enough.
Can we, Annie?

Glad to be of help.
Good day.
Oh, Mr. Stride?
l don't know exactly
how to say this, but...

well, if there's another mudhole
in Arizona, we'll get stuck in it, and....

Well, l'd feel a whole lot better
if you'd ride along with us.

l'm headed south.
Well, so are we.
Looks like we got company, Annie.