Seven Men from Now

They're headed for Flora Vista, all right.
-Got a gun, Greer?

Get it.
-Afternoon, gentlemen. Ma'am.

l'm Lt. Collins
of the Second Squadron of the Fifth.

What can we do for you, Lieutenant?
-That depends.
-On what?

We've been dispatched
from Fort Crittenden...

to make a wide sweep south...
in an attempt to contact any and all
Chiricahua in the area.

Reports indicate they may be
massing along the border.

Can't be more than 50 of them left
in the whole territory.

According to our scouts,
there's well over 100.

That including the squaws, Lieutenant?
l take it you don't think
the lndians are dangerous.

They're worse than that. They're hungry.
Nothing as deadly as
a half-starved Chiricahua.

Well, then, we agree.
Do we?
We're heading
for Flora Vista, Lieutenant.

Do you think we can make it
without running into trouble?

Well, that, l can't say.
However, l strongly recommend
that you swing this wagon around...

and head on back the way you came.