Sissi - Die junge Kaiserin

I need to speak in private with
the baroness Esterhazy!

Baroness Esterhazy, I nominated you
master of the Empress...

because of the great
confidence I have in yours.

Everything the Empress does,
it must be informed to me.

This way, I'll have conditions to conduct
better the life of this young lady!

Concerning to the mutual confidence...
I'll report myself
the best way is possible.

What do you have to report?
One more time,
they brought a new parrot.

I ask your permission
to lock it in the backyard...

because the scream is terrible.
If the Empress likes animals so much...
you must keep them
where she wants!

And if the noise bothers you...
I suggest you to
put cotton in your ears!

Open this drawer.
- What book is that?
- The Empress' diary.

Give me it.
Do you have anything
else to report me?

The Empress complains of
our installations for the bath.

Maria Teresa lived
and took bath here.

For someone that is empress
by accident, it's very good!

- What else? - She asked if...
colonel Böckl from Ischl
did not show up for an audience.

Böckl? From Ischl?