Sissi - Die junge Kaiserin

Yes, I am jealous...
Of who?

Of this desk!
My diary?
Yes, my mother brought it.
So she took it
off my drawer.

I don't know, but
I even touched it.

It would be weird if you
had touched it.

My mother just read
a very beautiful poem.

Do you miss Bavaria?
- yes, when I am alone.
- Sissy...

but now your country
is Austria.

But I cannot avoid
remind the mountains.

My parents and my
sisters. Do you understand me?

Yes and no.
I do everything to make
you happy here.

I thought that you were
happy here!

I am, but only when
you are with me!

But, you are almost never here.
The correspondent in Paris,
Baron Von Hubenr!

Let him in.
We will see each other in dinner.
What will you do till there?

I'm going to wait for you!
Maybe I will ride...

But before dinner,
I need to show you a thing.

So, colonel, this way...