Sissi - Die junge Kaiserin

He said that she badly
could leave the coach...

and the crowd almost tore
her dress.

Are you already ready?
I am curious to know
what you have to show me.

Well... Do you know that we have
a new parrot?

- The red one?
- Yes.

- Who gave it?
- Aunt Maria!

I want to know also...
- if you know what day is it today.
- Today? Thursday.

Well, you must have forgot, after all
you have a lot of work to do.

- It's a month that we got married!
- Really?

- One month?
- Yes.

A wedding present,
I hope you like it.

What nice of you!
I am glad you remembered it.

I found it in a
stand in the street market.

Have you been in the street market?
And I almost don't get back home.
The people are so nice. They were so happy
seeing me that they almost tore my dress.

See! It is a Wigand paintings!
The castle door,
the village entrance.

- Fabulous!
- Everything is so well done.

Like the trees, he painted
them so beautifully.

And what is that?
It is the Weil village,
in Baden.

And the one what is that?
My wedding present!
So, you didn't forget it?
I could never forget...
the way you make me happy
each minute!