Here, how about a snake act up in the air?
Clean and unusual family show.
Snakes are natural climbers.

When your snakes can fly
like this Tino, then I'm interested.

Hup. Hup.
- Still worried about the height?
- Not when we're swinging together.

- You'd be good if you wanted to be a flier.
- I'm glad I asked you to take me up.

Let the weight of your body carry you out.
Remember the trampoline. Same idea.

- The way you're catching on...
- Tino! What's she doing up there?

She's all right, Mike.
Watch her. She's good.

Get her down.
Don't get excited, Mike.
I just happened to run into her.

There's no room for more than two
up there. Now get her down.

Take it easy, Mike.
The girl looks good, eh?

- Great, but not in my act.
- Let her do a simple trick.

- Just drop the bar. What harm?
- Plenty. She'll ruin the act. Tino...

I give you my word,
the act will be improved.

Improved? By a dame? I'm tryin'
to give you a pure trapeze act...

I know your act, its purity, its perfection.
I also know what the public wants.

- Money, money, always the money!
- You can eat for nothing?

- What's Bouglione getting excited about?
- Don't argue over me.

- Oh, no. I'll just go down...
- Tino, I hate quarrels. Stay, please.

It's unique in history, the greatest act
since LĂ©otard invented trapeze

in this circus 100 years ago. And
you talk about box office and spangles.

I buy the acts here, Mike.
I throw out what I don't like.

We haven't got time.
We'd lose the triple opening night!

I buy the acts here.
That's all I want. No arguments.

You think they'll pay more
to see her than to see a triple?

I fill my circus in my way
or I empty it in my way.

In my circus there's room
for only my way.

Either the three of you are up there
opening night, or you're not there at all.