War and Peace

with regiments of men
dropping at my feet.

I'm going to marry her, Natasha.
Gently, gently.
Who's surrendering his sword,
you or she?

Be happy, dearest Pierre.
I order you to be supremely happy.
I'll be leaving again directly.

I have a message for General Kutuzov
and I must deliver it immediately.

There's the general's aide.
You talk to him, Ensign.

Sir. I've just come
from the picket lines.

I have a message and it must be
delivered immediately to the commander.

His Excellency is in the middle
of a council of war.

- Give it to me. I'll deliver it.
- A verbal message.

Deliver it to me now.
My squadron is on picket duty.
This evening we saw the French
put out their fires...

and we heard sounds in their camp.
- The enemy's on the move, sir.
- Is that all?

Is that all?
I would say that you have seen
no action yet, am I right?

Good luck, my friend.
It is quite apparent that the enemy
has regrouped his position.

Surely now, Your Excellency
should take into consideration...

the fact that we must change
the orders for tomorrow.