War and Peace

That... is a fine death.
He's alive.
Have this man attended to and take
him to my bivouac like all the others.

Let my doctor examine his wounds.
It's so early in the morning, Pierre.
- It's 11:00.
- It's so early.

Since we decided to go to the country in
a week, we have a lot of shopping to do.

Oh, Pierre, I'm so tired.
It's all right. I'll go this morning
and come back early.

- The morning papers, sir.
- Thank you.

Anything amusing in the Gazette?
It's not very amusing.
We've lost again.

An armistice is going
to be discussed.

Prisoners wounded on both sides
will be immediately returned.

In a word...
we're suing for peace.

You sound bitter.
Maybe I am.
What difference does it make
if a piece of Poland changes hand...

a new prince is established
in Austria?

Oh, it's so boring to worry
about things like that.

So, no more war.
- For the time being.
- For the time being.

Then the armies
will be coming back.

Yes, I suppose so.
Moscow will be very gay
and exciting.