War and Peace

It wouldn't be right, Nicholas.
We'll talk it over later.
Oh, I'm so glad I have you.
Tell me, are you still true
to Pierre now that he's married?

Don't be silly.
- I'll be a dancer. I'll never marry.
- What?

- But don't tell anyone.
- Oh, no.

Go and get dressed and
we'll have breakfast together.

Did you get my letter?
- We met the doctor at the last relay.
- She'll be relieved.

- Is he in time?
- Let's hope so. We must pray for her.

- She's longed for you.
- What a strange fate, Masha, darling.

My darling. God is merciful.
I love you.
I love you all.
I've never done any harm to anyone.
Why must I suffer so?
Andre, please help me.
My boy, you'll have to leave now.
There, there, my dear.