War and Peace

In his place, I might have done
the same thing.

Maybe it's even certain
that I'd have done the same thing.

There we were in the snow
facing each other with pistols.

You know who's the guilty one?
I. Only I.

Pierre, don't be silly.
And you know why? Because
I married her without loving her.

I wanted her. I had to have her,
so I made myself blind.

I lied when I said to her,
"I love you. "

And because of that...
there's Dolokhov stretched in pain,
alive only by the grace of God.

Because of my weakness, my lie.
I'm guilty. I must suffer for it.

Pierre, you must stop
thinking like this.

It'll become an obsession,
and it's not like you.

Look, if you'll agree...
we'll all take a fine trip
to our place in the country.

It'll do us all good, and Nicholas
wants to show it to Denisov.

We'll start tonight,
and you'll come with us, eh?

Of course you'll come with us.
I'll go and tell the family.

Hurry! We'll start
for the country tonight.

Why didn't you tell me Pierre
was here? Will you go, Pierre?

We must start while the moon
is still high.

Of course Pierre will go.
What has happened, Ilya?
And what moon are you speaking of?

Is there more than one, my pet?
Oh, how long must we wait
for Nicholas?

I'm so happy you made up your mind.
I was just saying, "One more day
and the snow will be gone. "

Thank you.
- Order the troikas.
- Immediately, sir.

We're off!
Hurry up, Nicholas. You're delaying
the trip to the country.

The country?
You said you wanted to go
to the country to show Denisov.

- Come, hurry.
- Come, Vaska. You'll like this.

I was just beginning
to enjoy Moscow.

Faster, faster!
Faster, Nitka!